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May 24, 2013
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You hugged yourself, trying to cover up your body.  You watched all of your friends playing in the ocean and having fun.  You really wanted to join them, but you didn’t.  You hated wearing a swimsuit around people because you thought you weren’t pretty when you wore them.
Alfred had invited you to come to a beach party he was having.  You had agreed to come, only because you’d felt like it would be rude to say no.  You were one of the only people not swimming or playing on the beach.  You were sitting under an umbrella on a beach towel, trying your best to cover up from the others.
Suddenly, Yao walked up to you.  He’d seen you not having fun like the others, so he’d decided to come talk to you since you looked lonely.
“Ni hao (Reader Name)!  Why aren’t you playing in the water with the others, aru?”
Yao looked down at how you were hugging yourself, trying to cover up so he couldn’t see you.  He realized what you were doing, and he took both of your arms and gently placed them off your torso.  “Why are you trying to cover up, aru?”
You hugged your arms back around yourself.  “I look terrible in a swimsuit.  I didn’t want to come to this party; I only came so I wouldn’t make Alfred feel bad.”  
Yao gasped.  “Aiyah, what are you talking about?!  You look great!”
You sadly shook your head.  “No I don’t.”
Yao suddenly looked upset.  “You’re beautiful (Reader Name), and I’m going to show you just how amazingly gorgeous you are.”  He pointed towards the ocean.  “Isn’t it pretty?” he asked.
You looked out at the aquamarine waters that extended for miles in front of you, watching the beautiful white waves crash down onto the sandy shore.  “Yeah, the ocean is really pretty.”
Yao smiled at you.  “Guess what (Reader Name)?  You’re prettier.”
You looked up at him doubtfully.  
“You shouldn’t degrade yourself so much (Reader Name).  I wish you could see yourself how I see you, aru.  You’re more beautiful than any flower, more elegant than a butterfly, and more gorgeous than the moon and stars combined, aru.”
You started blushing when he said this.  You looked into his eyes, which were gazing into yours.  You could tell from the look in his eyes that he was being entirely serious, and he meant every word he’d said.
He saw that you’d covered your torso with your arms again.  Yao looked sad.  “(Reader Name), you’re trying to hide yourself from me again.  Why don’t you think you’re beautiful, aru?”
You actually weren’t sure how to answer this question.  You’d always thought badly about yourself.  You compared yourself to all the other girls you saw, and you always thought they were more beautiful than you.  They were always skinnier, or they had prettier eyes or faces or hair.  Or, at least that’s what you thought.
Noticing that you didn’t know how to answer the question, Yao gently caressed your face with his right hand.  “(Reader Name), you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.  I don’t care what you say, but you’ll never be able to convince me that you’re not beautiful.  Don’t listen to what other people say about you.  Don’t listen to your degrading thoughts, either.  It’s not just the way you look that makes you beautiful. Your personality and your attitude, and what’s on the inside is important.  Luckily for you, you’re beautiful inside and out.” He said, smiling.  “You need to stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough for everyone.  You’re such an amazing person, and you shouldn’t let other people -or yourself- convince you otherwise.
You were so happy you felt like you were about to cry.  Yao had made you feel so much better about yourself…
Quietly, you whispered, “Thank you Yao, you’ve made me feel a lot better.”
Yao smiled happily.  “I’m glad I did, aru!  Beautiful girls like you shouldn’t be worrying about their looks!  You’re perfect the way you are!”
Yao suddenly leaned close to you and kissed you.  After realizing what he’d just done, he covered him mouth and turned away.
“Aiyah!  I-I’m really sorry, (Reader Name), I-I wasn’t thinking…I’m sorry, but…I’ve actually loved you for a long time, so I kinda got ahead of myself, I’m really sorry…”
You touched your lips, a little shocked by what he’d just done.  You weren’t upset about him kissing you though, and you’d actually enjoyed it.  You’d liked Yao for a long time, but you’d never been able to gather up enough courage to tell him.  
Smiling, you hugged Yao.  “I’m so happy!  I’ve always loved you too, I’ve just never told you because I was too scared to say so!” You said, beaming.
Yao’s eyes widened.  “Really aru?  I’m really happy too!  I love you a lot (Reader Name), so when you were sitting here feeling bad about the way you look, it made me really upset!”
You grinned.  “You made me feel a lot better about myself Yao.  I love you very much too!”
The two of you leaned closer and kissed again.
“Oooh!  Aniki, I didn’t know you had a girlfriend!”  Im Yong Soo walked by you and Yao kissing.
Yao stopped kissing you and turned to his brother.  “Aiyah, shut up!” Yao got up and started running after his brother, who was running away taunting him.
“You know, romance originated in South Korea, da-ze~!”
You laughed as you watched the two brothers fight.  No longer worrying about how you looked in your swimsuit, you stood up and happily started running after them.
This was such a random fanfic, but I just randomly thought of it, and I decided to write it. XD It's not all that great, but oh well, I tried~! There's probably a ton of fanfictions like this, so I'm sorry if this storyline is redundant or anything. :P I don't own any of the characters, I only own the story.
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* air strike tackles Im Yong Soo* YAAAAAAAAAAA TAKE THAT!
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Except i would hide under my towel....
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“You know, romance originated in South Korea, da-ze~!”

Im Yong Soo, you're full of yourself. but still adorabubble
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'Love originated in South Korea da-ze!'
That's funny, because I thought it had no real place of origin,
Guess I dun derped up :iconenglandderpplz:
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